Our Name in Lights

Okay…okay…so maybe our name wasn’t in lights, but to see our name on the cover of the Dallas Morning News Metro Section, well that’s a pretty big deal…and we are super excited to share our story.

We enjoyed a day of fellowship sharing the history of Hope Park Frisco from where the idea began to how it got its name and we even enjoyed an outing to the proposed park location.

It was a chance for use to serve as the voices for these wonderful children that will benefit from this project.

As you can imagine, one of the hardest things about being a grassroots non-profit organization is getting the word out about what we are doing and why it’s important. Our goal is to not only educate the community about this project but serve as a resource for parents with special needs children.

So if you did not see the article this morning, we invite you to read “Frisco Moms Team Up to Create Playground for All Children” and while it may not get our name in lights, if you could share this with your family, friends, neighbors and people you know within the community, it will certainly bring to light the name Hope Park Frisco.

Thanks for your support and we promise not to let our new found notoriety go to our head!

Hope Park Frisco Dallas Morning News Feature


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