About Hope Park

Imagine a playground built to suit the needs of all children, at any age, with a focused consideration for children with special needs – an inclusive play adventure that brings children together and helps them build self-confidence, make friends and play as equals.

Hope Park’s design will be interactive, evoking a sensory play experience that engages children at many developmental levels.

Why Hope Park Frisco

As of October 2012, Frisco ISD had a student population of 42,650 and more than 3,855 (9.04%)* of the students are in some type of special education program.   This includes children with sensory issues, speech, developmental and physical delays.

*These numbers do not include children from birth to age three or the private school population.

Our Mission

We want to bring the community together to give hope to children of all abilities, to provide a place where they can play side by side in a peaceful atmosphere built for them by a community that values the foundation of family.

Meet the Faces of Hope Park Frisco